Special Conditions for peak season (A1A2A3)

Many tourists will come to Izukogen during summer holidays and consecutive holidays. Especially in the afternoon, as heavy congestion will be expected, please be aware of the following points in advance.

* Mt. Omuro Chairlift will be heavily congested (1.5 hours max for one way, 3 hours for round trip).
* The cycling route will be crowded with many cars.
* If the number of guests of the cycling is high, the duration of the cycling will take longer than usual.
* If we have children, it may take longer.

Thus, please be noted below information if you will join the afternoon tour.

* The meeting time will be change from 13:00 to 13:30 (the scheduled end time does not change).
* We apologize, however the Mt. Omuro Chairlift may be omitted from the tour.

* If you would like to take the chairlift prior the tour, we advise you to take it at 9:00am. Please be aware that people are making line before 9:00 and the waiting time will get longer and longer after that time.
* If you will take the chairlift in advance, please judge the level of congestion and take an action to be in time for the meeting time of the tour.
* If you will come to Mt. Omuro by car, it is recommended that you will depart early as the road will be crowded. If you will come to Mt. Omuro by bus from Ito Station or Izukogen Station, please consider to take early bus than usual for the same reason.

(Tokai Bus Time Schedule http://dia.tokaibus.jp/OrangeGuide/index.do)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in order to operate the tour safely and smoothly.