Access to Mt. Omuro and the Parking Space

Mt. Omuro Chairlift (672-2 Ike, Ito-City, Shizuoka)

[Travel by train?]

 You can take a bus to Mt. Omuro Chairlift from Ito station (it takes about 40 minutes, the fare is 720yen) or from Izu-Kogen station (it takes about 16 minutes, the fare is 370yen). (Mokuiku Bus Route Search :

[Travel by car?]

When using a car navigation system, search for “Omuro-yama Tozan Lift” instead of the address. Mt. Omuro parking lot has no time limit and can be parked free of charge.

* If you join one of Great Nature Tour‘s cycling tours Course-A1, A2, A3 and park your car at the Mt. Omuro parking lot, we will send the driver back to the Mt. Omuro after the cycling.

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    You can enjoy Downhill Cycling in Izukogen! 

  * Click here for the Bike Rental.

  * Click here for the Downhill Cycling Tours.

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