Access to Mt. Omuro and the Parking Space

Mt. Omuro Chairlift (672-2 Ike, Ito-City, Shizuoka)

[Travel by train?] : You can take a bus to Mt. Omuro Chairlift from Ito station (it takes about 40 minutes, the fare is 710yen) or from Izu-Kogen station (it takes about 16 minutes, the fare is 360yen). (Tokai Bus :。

[Travel by car?] : You can park your car at the Mt.Omuro Parking Space. It’s free of charge and the gate doesn’t close. We take the driver back to the Mt. Omuro after the cycling if you join one of our cycling tours Course A, B or D and park your car at the Mt. Omuro Parking Space.

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