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Downhill Cycling "Jogasaki" Course

You can enjoy downhill cycling from Mt. Omuro, one of the old volcanos in Izu-Peninsula to the thrilling Jogasaki Coast on CourseA1.

Our experienced guide will guide you to main spots in Izu and hidden spots known only to the locals.

Tour Location

This course takes place in the Izu- Kogen area on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula,

Recommended Points


Izu-Peninsula Global Geopark

Izu-Peninsula became a member of the Global Geoparks Network in 2012. This cycling course takes place in the heart of the Izu-Peninsula and it connects two of the most popular spots, Mt. Omuro and Jogasaki Coast-


A glimpse of SATOYAMA, the home of heart for Japanese people

SATOYAMA, Japanese rural landscape, can be found between the cities and the mountains. Sato means “village”, and Yama means “mountain”.

It is cultural and natural landscape consisting of farming and forestry villages and the semi-natural environments that surround them. 


The easiest cycling course in Izu-Peninsula

Do you like “hillclimb” by bike? Of course the answer is “NO”, isn’t it? Most of the roads in Izu-Peninsula are quite steep. However in this tour, we carry the bikes up first so anyone can enjoy easy cycling.



Please try and see what will be happen!

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Fact Sheet


Adult : 4,500 yen (incl. tax)
Child : 4,000 yen (incl. tax)

* The price includes, Rental Bike, Ticket for Mt. Omuro Chairlift, English Speaking Guide, Insurance, Bike Collection Fee.

* Above price will be applied if the number of the guests is three or more. If it’s less than three, 500 yen will be added per person.

* 500 yen will be added for the bookings between 15 JUL~17 JUL, 21 JUL~31 AUG, 16 SEP~18 SEP 2023.

Tour Schedule

AM Tour : 9:00am ~ 12:30pm
PM Tour : 1:00pm ~ 4:30pm

meeting place

Mt. Omuro Chairlift, Under the red Torii Gate

* Click here for the access to Mt. Omuro.

transportation service

Pick up from / send to train stations, hotels or GNT Ito Office will be optional service with an additional charge 500~800 yen per person, per one way. Please ask the availability.

minimum number of guests

2 persons

minimum age requirement

9 years old

* Children under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

what to wear? what to bring?

Casual Clothes, Drink

maybe useful

Sunglasses (if you are putting contact lenses on), Sunscreen


Mt. Omuro !

After the briefing with our guide, you will take the chairlift and enjoy the view of 360 degrees from the top of the mountain♪

cycling !

Once you came down by chairlift, you will start the cycling. We stop at many secret places such as beautiful rice paddy and old shrine so on♪

finish !

The cycling ends at the Hashidate Sightseeing Parking Lot which is just a few minutes walk from Izu-Kogen Station. If you parked your car at the Mt. Omuro Parking lot, we will take the driver back to Mt. Omuro♪

jogasaki coast !

For those who would like to hike at the Jogasaki Coast, you can start to walk from the end point. It takes approximately 15 minutes on foot from the parking lot to Hashidate Suspension Bridge

Are you ready to join the tour?


In case of rain, cycling is basically cancelled. However if it is raining but we know that it will stop soon, we may decide after consulting with the customer to delay the start or modify the content of the course.

Sorry, we don’t have e-bikes nor bikes with child seats.

Yes, you can store your luggage in our support car while you are cycling.

Yes, we will send you back to Mt. Omuro if you drive your car.  In case of some groups join the tour on the day and all of them come by their cars, we will at least send the drivers back to the Mt. Omuro.

Sorry, you cannot participate if you have a pet.

For insurance, please read the Bike Rental Terms and Conditions.


Guest's Comments

Very Enjoyable and Interesting Bike Tour


“My friends and I did the “CourseA1” Downhill Cycling [Jogasaki] Course. Seiji-san was a very friendly and knowledgeable guide who made the tour quite enjoyable. For a small extra fee (less than $5 per person), he drove us from the tour office (near our hotel) in Ito to the location of the beginning of the tour, Mt. Omuro (this saved us from having to take a bus). Our tour started with our group riding the chairlift to the top of Mt. Omuro and spending 45 minutes at the top while Seiji-san prepared our bikes.

After that, the tour consisted of several short legs where Seiji-san would show us a map and photos of where to ride next and he would follow in his car. At each meeting spot, he would talk about the history/significance of the location and give us time to walk around a bit. He also took several videos of us riding – a fun souvenir!

The biking was all downhill except for a few short stretches of slight uphill inclines. You need to be in reasonable shape for this but by no means a super sporty type. Some of the downhill riding was fairly steep, so you need to keep your brakes engaged and be careful not to go too fast.

I was also impressed that Seiji-san was excellent about communicating during the planning stages. He answered every email in a timely manner and made sure we were connected on WhatsApp before I left the U.S. so that we had a means of communication once I was in Japan.”


Michelle S (Seattle, Washington)

We hope to see you soon!

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